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NUX Studios
Type: First Person Duel
Price : 5.99$
Length: Multiplayer Only
Control: Touchpad / Controller supported
Wands is a multiplayer mage battle game.   As a wielder of a magic wand in a steampunk London, you battle for fame and fortune against other mages.   Fortune gained will help gaining buy more powers to use in the arenas. Note that a swivel chair is greatly recommended as this is a 360 degree game. The player is introduced straight into the main menu, the lab of your magician, The board explicitly tells you what to do.  From there you choose your avatar, build your wand, test it in the sewer or go to the arena. This is brilliantly done with an immersive context that does not make it feel like a menu at all.


The first thing that strike me first is the beauty of the graphics. Running on an S7Edge, it remained smooth and some scenes are breathless to look at. So the first thing you’ll do is customize your wand. You simply have to put 4 powers from a list of 14 offensive and defensive spells for your ultimate combination. You start with 5 different powers and must earn relic dust to buy more.  Every spells has a mana cost and a damage value. A well balanced wand is the success to winning your duels.


The game currently offers 3 different detailed arenas,  Aspis Prison is fairly small but offers many vantage points and covers, it is set in a dungeon with skeletons hanged on walls and an actual moving platform.  I especially like the Temple of Ophidian arena.  It is visually stunning and offers  a maze of crossing path where player can chase each other’s. The central piece is just stunning to look at. The 3rd areana is The Celestial Halls and is also beautiful. Set inside a heavenly hall, it offers a two story arena. You can see the 3 levels on our Youtube channel.

levelsThe arenas offers Competitive Duel, a matchmaking mode  where the winner win some  relic dust. Encouraging player to compete in this mode, it is the matchmaking mode.  You can also play against friends to win relic dust. The practice mode puts you against a bot that has basic AI and can feel either too dumb or extremely challenging.  You can find health vials in the arenas to replenish a small amount of health during your combats. I also recommends using a game pad because the Touchpad controls are harder to handle.

Wands could become a great dueling game, but his fate lies in the hands of the players, unless NUX Studios integrates a single player campaign.  If enough players joins and returns to the game, then this might become a success story. If the community is dead, you won’t find any players to play with unless you have a bunch of friends to play with.  You can still win some relic dust wining in Practice mode.

I wish I had more to say about this game but there isn’t much more.
Wands : Battle of the steampunk mages
It's key feature is currently it's graphics and the mechanics that makes it comfortable and intuitive to play. But the simplistic game design, that is somewhat saved by solid arena design, and the lack of features makes the game totally dependent of the player base.
VR Design9
  • Graphics
  • Rely only on Multiplayers
  • Can become dull
7.4Overall Score

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