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The Oculus Rift is selling very well and was sold out in less than one minute. The backlog was growing rapidly and has now reached august 2015 for new orders.
Now this situation is getting even worse for not only new customers, but also for the enthusiasts who bought it hour one.
Existing orders became delayed more than 4 weeks.

The company is having problems getting all parts needed for the VR-Headset, which leds to heavy delays, for some people more than four weeks.
Oculus stated: “We apologize for the delay getting Rifts to your doorstep. We’re addressing the component shortage and shipping Rifts as fast as we can.”.
At this point, it is not clear what part leads to the delay, and because of contracts, Oculus is not allowed to tell at the moment. A lot of rumours went around the internet, but there are no facts there.

The team at HTC still insisted that their VR-Headset will arrive in time, something thats even more hurtful for Oculus.
“All pre-orders confirmed for April will be delivered by the end of April, as per our original commitment,” an HTC spokesperson told WIRED. “We are not in a position to provide specific shipment and delivery dates,” the spokesperson continued.

Customers will receive shipping notification directly from “distribution partners”.Comparison: Oculus Rift vs. PlayStation VRWe really hope they

But to finish with good news, Oculus will take over all the costs for shipping and handling. For countrys outside of america, this means a heavy discount.

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