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  •  Studio : Pantumaca Barcelona
  • Type : Experience
  • Length : Short
  • Release Date : March 31st 2016
  • Input : Gaze

Annie Amber is an experience developed by Carlos Coronado (Pantumaca Barcelona Studio) that takes the player throughout the life journey of Annie Amber. Starting from her crib, you will navigate the many canvases of her life up to her death. You can expect a visually stunning journey where you’ll find yourself looking all around in awe, but the experience do fall short at some points.

The story of Annie Amber is not a narrated story. It can be interpreted differently by viewers according to their own life experience. While most people will figure out the main elements of every scene, they’ll be able to figure out the big lines of the story. I feel there is many subtility that I might have missed. Just like any piece of art, the canvases will make you feel and think about life and death. Annie Amber successfully delivers on this artistic experience.

To achieve this, the developer opted to deliver beautifully crafted environments. While up close, some textures feels grainy, the overall layout and 3D effects are of higher quality than the current available experiences. I often found myself looking at the beautiful drawings and paintings floating around in space. Don’t expect to see anything in movement thought, all scenes are static canvases for you to explore. For the music and sound, when they are present, they add a lot to the experience, but you will often find yourself floating around in near silence. I only wish I had a little more freedom of movement as I often wanted to get closer to some parts of a room and gaze at the beautiful environment.


Exploration is done via hotspot throughout each level. Gazing at one of the white circle will move you towards it. You can look away to stop and move toward another of those hotspot. This mechanics leaves no place for motion sickness so you should not have any problem with it. I consider that most of the puzzles consists on finding the right path to the end. It mostly consist on stopping at the right moment between two hotspots to be able to see another path. There are 2 other puzzles types, but I didn’t find any of them to offer a challenge. They easily could have been removed and it would not have change much to the experience. Navigation is done by gazing at the white circles to move toward them


Annie Amber A beautiful but lifeless journey through life
Annie Amber is a nice experience to live. It is accessible with it's minimalist controls and gameplay mechanics. It delivers a relaxing environment you can easily lose yourself in and enjoy. While it is visually beautiful, it lacks enough music to create fully immersive experience that. With a little less than 2 hours to go over, and little to no replay value except for the beauty of looking around, the current price tag of 8$/euro seems a bit pricey.
VR Design7
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Price
  • Just a few easy puzzles
6.8Overall Score

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