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Developer : Oculus
Type: Wave Shooter
Price: Free
Length: Short
Controls: GearVR Controller(req.)


Disclaimer : Please note that there is also a Oculus Touch version of Dead and Buried but it is a whole lot more than the Gear VR game so don’t base the Oculus Touch version from this review.

Developed by Oculus itself, Dead & Buried is a simplistic wave shooter set in the Far West era. Don’t forget to add in some zombies and you get yourself a game.  The GearVR controller is used properly, but I tend to have some drifting problems. The multiplayer is a lot of fun so expect  to meet a few experience players in there. The game is free so go grab it off and give it a try right after reading this deeper review:

The first time you step into the game, you will be greeted by a ghost who’s going to explain how to play. Listen carefully! The lobby offers a few options. You can customize you avatar from a male or female with a choice of 4 colors each or set the lobby’s time of the day. You have the choice of 2 single player level and 1 multiplayer mode.

Single Player wave shooter :
Rack up as much point as you can before dying. Zombies comes in waves. You get to fight many types of zombies. It’s basically point and shoot, but the tricky part is that your six shooter needs to be reloaded, often. To do so, you must rapidly tilt the gun inward to the center until the barrel drops,the bullet falls as new ones are inserted, then quickly tilt it backup to shoot again. Missing this can lead in catastrophic consequences on later waves. There are no pick ups or power ups excepted for the Last Chance. When nearing death, times slows and your gun gets unlimited ammo without reloading. I had the most issue with the controller on this mode. I have to recenter the controller after each wave. I think I might come to the reload motion.

Multiplayer 1V1 Shootout:
For me that’s where the fun begins. Classic shootout where 2 players must draw and shoot at each until one, or both, fall. You get 3 lives. The matches starts when 4 players are ready to play. You get 100 point for every killing, giving you 10 coins if you stay until the end. Bottom two players duels each other while the other two can watch and trigger gestures with the touch pad. You can also pay coins earned on elimination cards sending waves of zombies to the player who eliminates you. It can be quite hard sometimes, but you also stumble to a lot of players who doesn’t know how to draw their gun. I also played (and win) against a cheater who found a way to draw before the time.

The environments are beautiful, but I can’t say the same from the characters. From up close they are plain ugly. The zombies are a bit better, but they have nothing to be proud of either. I just love to stay in the lobby and look around, but I wish I could actually walk in it.

Conclusion :
For a free game, it delivers a fun, yet simplistic multiplayer duel. It’s main feature is a beautiful western city. If you are looking for a more complex dueling game, get Wands. It also uses the new Gear VR Controller.

Dead and Buried : Are you cowboy(or girl) enough?
From Oculus studio, this feels more like a promo material for the Oculus Touch version. It's fun, but it's not well polished. The multiplayer is the way to go for a quick dueling session.
VR Design7
  • Use of controller
  • Scenery
  • Repetitive
  • Shallow

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