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Developed by Bad Fly interactive

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Devices: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift


I was looking for a new experience on my Oculus Rift, And I stumbled upon Dead Effect 2 VR.

It reminded me of Doom 3 VR at first. I Liked that it supported room scale Vive, and that it was room scale Oculus Touch compatible. I thought the beginning levels were really easy, the gore over the top, game play was fast and smooth, and I was impressed that I could tap my headset to toggle on and off the head lamp for dark areas. ( It’s the little things that make me happy.) The handgun action felt nice, and after a few build up missions and I unlocked story characters that helped you upgrade yourself. I didn’t understand the system and forged ahead figuring I would figure it out later. I found myself getting overwhelmed with swarms of very tough enemies. So I went back and tried to figure it out. And embarrassingly enough it wasn’t that hard. And that was when I realized just what this game was all about… Upgrades and customization’s… Galore… Overwhelmingly so.

There are three main story characters you go to for body, armor, weapon, and ability upgrades.  Danette, who was also a lab experiment helps you upgrade your psychic and natural abilities like, shooting lightning out of your hands, Jedi force like powers, lifting and throwing your opponent’s, shield bubbles, all kinds of stuff.

Meet Danette! Another genetic experimentation who helps you along your journey.

Then there is Minikin, who is a mechanic and weapon expert. You can upgrade weapons, hands guns assault rifles, energy weapons hand to hand weapons, grenades.. Bows, you can go nuts here.. There are six different weapons you can choose from one on your chest, grenade, assault guns, two hand guns, melee weapons like a hand axe, and spiked knuckles.. All upgradeable.. All kinds of different options for each.

Here’s a taste of what you can upgrade in this game!

Doctor Bielik is a scientist, who you go to for numerous physical muscle, and body upgrades, and armor. Upgrades for your eyes, skull, body, upper arms, lower arms, hands, legs feet, all with color coded upgrade system like Destiny, white for generic items, purple for low level, all the way up to golden for legendary items! You can upgrade your armor too! Helmet, breastplate, arms gloves, legs… All again with its own upgrading leveling system like Destiny!

I Wasn’t sure if I could trust DR. Bielik At first. But he’s been trustworthy so far.

It has like play 6 different modes to play, campaign story mode, then theres standard missions, with hordes and hordes of zombies. To blast your way through. Like Doom! Or Wolfenstein! When you complete these levels you receive bonus loot and upgrades to make your character faster, and stronger weapons more powerful so you can take on more difficult missions which promise stronger upgrades. Most of these optional levels feel a little bit grindy, but it’s really no different than grinding in other equipment upgrade specific games like Diablo or Destiny.


The puzzles to unlock doors or objectives are so unique, like matching wave signs, simple math problems, to other head scratching unique puzzles. That breathes new life into hacking a computer, or jamming the enemy radio signal. And it’s not like the enemies slow down and allow such a thing to happen while they are around, many times I had to pull away from a console or while hacking a terminal to take out an oncoming horde of bad guys while all this is going on. it all happens so fast you to to stay sharp to stay ahead of the game. 

It’s easy for me to fall in love with a deep story driven VR First person shooter, and game-play that is dig deeper than just blasting waves and waves of enemies, and while Dead Effect 2 VR has that mode if you love that style of game-play, I just never thought I would be playing this level of high quality FPS this stage of VR. For me its a dream come true to have RPG elements in a FPS. Dead Effect 2 has it all, it’s a mix of zombie blasting mayhem on a Doom/ Wolfenstein hectic gameplay scale, Armor, Weapon, customization On a Destiny/Diablo scale, It has wave based levels, Survival levels, you fight aliens, Zombies, regular soldiers, Bosses.


All for 20$!  Best steam game I have played in VR to date. It’s a must have for a high end VR experience.

About The Author

Like many of you, I fell in love with VR in the 90's. I watched every movie about it, read books about it. and my jaw fell when I saw Palmer Lucky had made huge strides in his garage, that every huge company who had tried to develop it had failed at doing. I bought a Gear VR for my S6 as soon as it was available, started a you tube channel, GeerHed VR, and I am humbly thrilled to write VR game reviews for Twisted Reality!

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