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Developer : Game Cooks
Type: Tower Defense
Price: Free
Length: Short
Controls: TouchPad, VicoVR

Also available for Android Cardboard, VicoVR is a company that developed a depth camera, pretty close to what Xbox Kinect can do, for VR use.  They also develop games and apps for that same camera.  Divinity Defence is their latest Gear VR game.  We do not have access to VicoVR hardware so this review is made solely with the TouchPad input.


There is a Tutorial that will explain to you the basics of the game.  Wave of enemies attack your castle through one of two lanes.  You can smack them (with your hand if you own the VicoVR, or by clicking them), you can put towers with limited bullets or you can trigger one of the terrain event.

Tap the portal to start the wave of enemies.  There are 4 types : Imp who runs from the left portal to the right castle. They can protect their head from smacks so only terrain or towers can kill them. Zombies spawn from anywhere on the map. Monkeys run faster and carry dynamite and finally, Helicopters that can’t be hurt by anything except a good smack. Killing an enemy gives you coin needed to purchase towers.


There are 3 towers you can build. The orange tower is the cannon tower and is good for 25 shots on a single enemy at a time. The green and more expensive tower is a gatling tower good for 12 shots of 3 bullet spread in a angle of about 45 degrees. The 3rd tower, the most expensive one of the gang is the blue tower, shooting up to 8 magical ice bullets that pass through enemies and, if positioned properly, can damage multiple enemies at once.  Once bullets are depleted, the tower is gone, so you will mostly rely on smacking to gather your coins, towers becoming only a must for Imps that protects themselves from the smacks.

The interface is well designed, you get view of the full board by looking a bit down, and your tower, gold and wave enemies on a tablet just a little above the head. Graphics are ok, but the animations of the enemies are far from beautiful.  The sounds, are also repetitive and at the quantity of enemies you will smack, it will probably become as annoying to you as it was to me.

I believe this game is mostly done to showcase the capabilities of the VicoVR sensor. The game is quite boring in itself, the gameplay mechanics are designed for it and are quite annoying for the Touchpad controls.  The lack of different towers, enemies, and levels makes this one a few minutes of discovering before it gets boring.

Divinity Defence : A VicoVR supported tower defense
If you own the expensive Vico VR sensor(350$+), you might want to try it out with this game, otherwise you might feel it falls short of an experience.
VR Design7.5
  • VicoVR support
  • Good design
  • Lack of Depth
  • Repetitive

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