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Developed by: Justin Wasilenko

Release date:April 21st, 2016
Type: Space Shooter
Controls : Controller
Price: $ 7,99
Website :

End Space is one of the best looking VR game out on Cardboard right now. I was really thrilled to learn that it was going to be released on Gear VR as well. What I did not expect was how Justin Wasilenko plans were to make a game that feels totally different, adding new levels and content as well as polishing the whole experience. He was on task until the very last minute to submit the first release built by the Oculus deadline. I was able to play the few builds that were given to us days before. The result is amazing and it’s only the beginning.

The Gear VR hardware makes the game so responsive it’s almost scary. Everything run at a fluid rate even with many ships and asteroids in sight. I felt a little motion sick at first, but it was really light and only when I abuse the barrel roll. I got accustomed really fast and I can now spend an hour without feeling any nausea. It can still be a problem to people who are sensible to this. If you can play games with lots of first person movements like Roller Coasters, you should be OK with this title.

Graphically, the game is stunning. You’ll be greeted by it’s beautiful visual right from the start, in the hangar that serve as the main menu. Every level offers different visuals and backgrounds that changes the whole ambiance. The universe is dynamic as debris floats around and knocks each others and enemies fly by with a “woosh”. I spent several minutes just flying around and looking at the environment and the action happening all aroundThe textures looks great from afar and most of them are also beautiful up close, but for the asteroids it’s another thing. You will likely never notice it unless you crash head on into one of them.Most objects are dynamic as well and reacts to collisions. I was in awe when I rammed a floating container just to see it spin around drifting away in the distance. There is also great details on the ships and the player cabin itself, including visible damages to circuits and cockpit window when damage is taken. Added to that is a great, yet simple soundtrack.


Controls are working great. The controller is used to control the ship, while your gaze controls the cannon and missile locking system. You will use both analog sticks : on to Pitch and Yawn, the other to roll. Right and left triggers are used to shoot your cannons and missiles. You also have a boost and a brake button that lets you briefly change the speed of the ship. Justin told us that he did not implement speed controls other than that because he wanted to limit motion sickness. It is not out of scope to add it later on in an update and opted to make the ships moves at a steady speed instead. Brakes also makes the ship turn faster while boost will make it turn slower. The cockpit is also the user interface, giving information on shield and hull damage, the current objective and the remaining ammo. Destroying ships will sometimes drop ammo and repair kits so keep an eye on them as well. The combination of the ship controls and the turret aim works perfectly and will offer you the feeling of great freedom while you navigate around asteroids and shoot down ships and bigger vessels.


Justin also told that he plans to push a few updates to add more missions, more weapons, and of course multiplayer. This is great news because the game already has 8 missions that are increasingly difficult, but it can probably be done in a few hours. Each mission will award you with credits that you can use to unlock the other levels, as well as new weapons. You probably won’t mind doing missions again because they are fun and well balanced. The concept of planetary mission have been mentioned for future updates, but the real replay value might lie in the cross platform multiplayer. There is a lot in Justin’s mind and he sure want to continue developing updates for the game as he told us “Eventually I want this game to become Tie Fighter for the Gear VR. That’s my dream” .  He’s also working on touch pad controls.

The more I play, the more I enjoy this game. It’s the first space shooter on the Gear VR to offer the space simulation feel.

End Space Review
The details in the graphics and user interface are makes it blend into the experience and provide a beautiful adventure. Voice actors, sci-fi sounds and shooting around. The game has still some minor flaws and a rough collisions mechanic,  it does hold the ground as a must own title. I can only wait to show my skills in the multiplayer dogfights.
VR Design7
  • Graphics
  • Long Game
  • Immersive
  • Collision system
8.6Overall Score

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