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Genre: Action Arcade, Racing, Shooter,Social

Device: Samsung Gear VR

Controller: Controller Only

Price: 6.99



I was a huge fan of the Twisted Metal Vehicle combat games on the Playstation one and two. And I remember thinking how cool it would be to be in the drivers seat being part of the frantic action. Look no further cause now you can.

Fusion Wars is a fast paced Tron inspired Vehicle combat game.  What makes this game unique is that it supports up to 16 players going head to head. You can also join teams; that is where the magic is in Fusion wars. Team mates can fuse the vehicles together to form a bigger vehicle with different ability’s. As the matches go on however, more powerful weapons spawn and in order to stay ahead you have to keep rearming yourself. It’s an Epic faced paced blast-a-thon. This review is based on the Early access version.



The graphics are top notch, no, they are not photo realistic mind blowing images that will leave your mouth open in wonder. but they will make you feel as if you are in the Tron movies. They are clear and smooth and you can’t help but really feel immersed in the world. MY philosophy when it comes to VR immersion is it’s like day dreaming. How long will it take for an experience to really hypnotize me in to the environment i’m placed in? With this game? It was in seconds. It was because of the attention to detail! You can see your weapons changing shape as you switch, your treads turning as you move, even little gear shafts turning when you are moving covered in warning stripes! The cock pit is a wonderland of information well thought out and easy to see. The map is brilliantly laid bare and once you take the few seconds it takes to figure it out. You can use it to your advantage right away.

 left side of cock pit


Looking right in your cock pit



Game play-

The Goal in this game is to destroy all the enemies, collect the fusion core and make it to the drop off point. The controls are smooth and once you figure out how to take advantage of the slide move you seriously will be astonished about just how fun sliding side ways is. In my experience so far in VR, never has a game impressed me as far as Fusion Wars with just how well the game-play mechanics work. The levels are huge, and they are not just blow this One thing up and level end.. no no no.. it’s a tough strategic Epic event! It took me 22 minuets to make it to the end of the third level!! And I was rushing it!! I should have taken more time to slow down and destroy the Spawning portals a little slower to avoid dumb deaths! And it seemed to me that I had only been playing maybe 6 or 7 mins. This is Immersion!! It’s here I found it on the Gear VR!

The video below to some game play footage I took, notice the blink? you can turn it off in the options if you don’t like it.


VR Comfort-

A clever use of blinding the edges of the screen is used when turning to help out the folks with the VR sickness, but for me it’s a nuisance. And i’m happy to report you can turn comfort mode off in the options. Having said that, I don’t believe this experience would slow you down much even with the comfort setting shut off. Since much of the reason you get sick is when the horizon rotates and it throws off your equilibrium. I think the other details in the cock pit help trick your brain into having a good time and not focus on the sick factor.  but if you do experience a sickness, feel like puking, or do puke all over someone after playing this game make sure you tell your story in the comment section below, I would love to read it.  

VR design

I love the design of your vehicle, where your boost is on the edge of the window to the right and your health on your left; easily identifiable in the frantic fire fights, without annoying out of the way glances that gobble up precious time that could get you killed. And when aiming you can see  your weapons re-positioning themselves just outside your cockpit is magical. If you look to your far left you can view the panel of everyone in the game with you, its little touches like this that really blew me away in terms of detail.


here you can see the map ( Center ) red dots are bad guys, boost ( blue bar on the left) and health (green bar on the right)


I haven’t be able to play a real multiplayer match but I would imagine if you could play against real people the difficulty would be really high. But the standard levels are massive and difficult to complete. But I felt it was just right. Difficult enough to get you to try harder and master the basics, yet allows you to make some mistakes and you have a reasonable amount of health.


Fusion Wars is tough, yet fair.


The laser blasts can get repetitive and annoying, so I turned them off in the options. The only sound that makes my skin crawl, it the high pitch screeching noise of the seeker enemies… not only do they pack a wallop, you can hear them coming for you. And it’s bone chilling.


Music / effects

Funky techno beat. Fitting for the setting; I totally enjoyed the music of the game, it’s balanced out so well. Its loud right when it should be, and faded down perfect to the environment in the game. It wasn’t distracting at all unlike Gunsight where the screeching guitars were so distracting I had to turn it off. The vibe adds to the game so much; by far the best use of music in a game since Herobound.



Fusion Wars has just the right amount of options, nothing over the top and confusing, I’m the kind of guy who likes options. I remember many game night’s with my friends tweaking the options and gravity in the Halo games. Gravity hammers with 0 gravity! WOOOOOO!!! And there are many Gear VR games that really lack any real variety to change up the game play. I believe it’s an underrated value to Gear VR games that apply to multiplayer, take OverFlight for example; a great airplane multiplayer shooter, little to no options to making the existing map seem fresh and new.  In contrast to that is Star Fighter Arduxim, which is multiplayer tweaking heaven. Fusion Wars is middle ground.


Different controller options is a must with a game like this.



This game is one of the best games on the Gear VR I have played yet. And I can only imagine it better playing it with friends in multiplayer would send its fun factor through the roof. If you can stand the game-play and tinker around and get comfortable with the motion sickness options and find your sweet spot. You wont even realize you are wearing a head set at all. It’s worth every penny you spend on it.

Fusion Wars: Mobile VR at it's Finest
this is one of those games that is a must buy for the Gear VR. Just get it, you wont be sorry.
VR Comfort9
  • Immersion factor is high
  • Mastering the slide is so fun
  • So much fun
  • Multiplayer lobbys are empty
  • Multiplayer lobbys need to be full
9.5Overall Score

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Like many of you, I fell in love with VR in the 90's. I watched every movie about it, read books about it. and my jaw fell when I saw Palmer Lucky had made huge strides in his garage, that every huge company who had tried to develop it had failed at doing. I bought a Gear VR for my S6 as soon as it was available, started a you tube channel, GeerHed VR, and I am humbly thrilled to write VR game reviews for Twisted Reality!

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