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Studio: Hidden Path Entertainment
Type: Action, Arcade
Price : 2.99$
Length: Single Player
Control: Touchpad / Controller supported
Hypercade brings a modern spin to nostalgic arcade action in VR. Play four incredible arcade classics —Crazy Critters (Centipede), Robo Rush (Bezerker), Breaker Blaster (Arkanoid), Space Swarm (Galaga), each with its own unique take on fan favourites of yesteryear.I enjoy old school gaming goodness, and Hypercade brings that nostalgia and then some.


While playing this game you’re not standing in front of an arcade cabinet like in Oculus arcade, but the games recreated here are updated versions of some of the old Arcade greats. What stands out to me are out are the graphics. In the Gear VR they really shine because of the look of the game assets. They look like holograms.  If the graphics looked like this back in the early 80’s when these games came out, no one would have left the arcades!


Playing Robot Rush medium camera angle

When I was 6, I was playing Asteroids on a Atari 2600. I got so into the game, all of a sudden the flat colored asteroids, had the graphics of my imagination, large plumes of dust burst out of each incredibly detailed asteroid. Each with glowing space elements, some with space bugs crawling around each one. And it was incredible. Once I noticed it, it all vanished. Black smudgy background returned as did the blobby colored asteroids. And I longed for it to return, like a incredible dream after you wake up, have to try go back to bed to finish. This reminds me of that, of what the old games could have been. Or was, in the imagination of the developers playing them when they were young, and bringing them to life for us to enjoy in only the way VR can.



The environments you play the game in almost tell its own tale, (or maybe it’s just in my imagination again.) In crazy Critters looking at the sky is almost like you’re looking at a full scale invasion on a futuristic city, with big battle ships hovering above. And what you’re playing is really a one man army defending his city from an over whelming enemy. Then in Space Swarm looking around you, you’re in the battle in space, trying to stop the invasion from spilling on the planet.


Space Swarm sky line


I like that you can pause the game and choose from three separate vantage points Low, Medium, and High. And in choosing, which game you feel most comfortable playing at which view height, you feel like you get the advantage you need.







To nit-pick a little, the only way to truly master the controls, and get an effective high score using more skill than luck in my opinion, was to use a controller. I would like to give a huge thank you to the developer for giving me the option. It seems that little feature is being left out of a lot of titles, and I greatly appreciate at least having the option to do so. I understand many Gear VR users don’t own controllers so using headset only controls makes sense from the stand point of the developer.


My favourite game of the bunch is Robot Rush; its fast paced crazy-ness is reminiscent to one of my favourite shooters on the Xbox arcade, Geometry Wars. Where you control the Direction of your ship with one joy stick and shoot in any direction with the other. In robot Rush, while you control your guy with the left stick (or head movement without using a controller ) the shooting is directional based, and I wish it could be right thumb stick driven, to give me more control.  And while we are on the topic of controls, I felt like the best control for Breaker Blaster (Arkanoid) was the head set, because you can snap your head left and right quicker and more precisely than you can with a game pad.  All of the old favorite powerups are there just like you remember and multiball is just plain chaotic!  which makes the game so much fun!

I enjoyed this game very much and I will add it to the small list of titles I use to show off the novelty of playing games in VR to my friends and family. If you want to check out some game play in action check out my YouTube channel .


Gear VR Review: Hypercade
For it’s quick in and out arcade play-ability, graphic nostalgia, and difficulty level, this game offers at a low price will bring us back to arcade time. For those who wants to always get a higher score, you will spend hours in this game.
VR Designed8
  • Classic arcade titles
  • Holographic approach
  • Lack of features
  • Can be redundant
8Overall Score

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