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This week, 14 new experiences were released for the GearVR. With many Free applications, take some time this weekend to try them out.

Title : Dungeon Chess

Price : 4.99$US / 5,79$CAD

Type : Chess

Controls : Touchpad, Gamepad, GearVR Controller

Description : Chess comes to life with iconic DUNGEONS & DRAGONS creatures in Experiment 7’s Dungeon. Dragons breathe fire, beholders blast death rays, and armies of elven pawns face down the forces of evil as you match wits against your friends, online adventurers, and AI opponents in the world’s most popular game of strategy and skill.

Title : Boundless

Price: Free

Type : Videos

Controls : Touchpad, GearVR Controller

Description : Explore the latest videos from an exclusive network of incredible VR creators. Witness the next generation of internet stars take on virtual reality and join them as they bring you into a new world of experiences.

Title : Ropes and Dragons

Price: 1,99$US/ 2,29$CAD

Type : Casual

Controls : Touchpad, Gamepad, GearVR Controller

Description: Literally a Cut the Rope in VR. We offer you a virtual game for the whole family. In this virtual world lives charming dragon, who can’t live without the sweets. He needs your help. You play the role of a wizard. Your mission is to pass a lot of obstacles and feed candy sweet dragon with the help of a magic wand. You will plunge into a wonderful colorful world. Being a magician who performs his mission, you will visit the islands, wild jungles, dense forest, autumn farm and climb into the shining snow mountains.

Title : The Lost

Price: 2,99$US/ 3,49$CAD

Type : Puzzle / Crime Scene Investigation

Controls : N/A

Description: *APP CURRENTLY ONLY IN KOREAN* The Loost is a virtual reality game where the user becomes a detective, finds evidence at the murder scene, tries to solve the murder and finds the killer. VR technology lets you walk through realistic crime scenes and discover evidence, analyze the information and arrest the killer.

Title : Incline

Price: Free

Type : Racing

Controls : Gamepad

Description: Incline is a multiplayer, virtual reality, motorcycle racing game. Players race against each other on four different circuits for glory and in-game prizes. Incline has a focus on semi-realism with penalties for crashing, encouraging consistency and clean riding. Leaderboards display the top players in categories such as earnings, best lap, and total victories. Race shoulder to shoulder in an immersive and intense virtual experience.

Title : The Cooties – VR

Price: VR

Type : Interactive Videoclip

Controls : Touchpad, Gamepad, GearVR Controller


Experience the world’s first VR music video that reacts to you! “VR” is a new song by Los Angeles comedy trio and UCB regulars The Cooties.  Control the content with interactivity that always keeps things new. The more you look around, the more there is to see! This music video contains some adult references and is recommended for a mature audience only.  Runtime:  ~3 minutes

Title : Kismet

Price: 3,99$US/4,59$CAD

Type : Spiritual

Controls : Touchpad, GearVR Controller

Description: Would you like to know what the future holds in store for you? Developed by award-winning creative studio Psyop, Kismet is a collection of three activities, including a past-present-future Tarot Card reading (the Cards), daily Astrology session (the Stars), and ancient board game, Ur (a game of Wit). Kismet is meant to be experienced daily, with unique outcomes every calendar day that are directly tied to not only the cards that you choose, but your individual birth date and the actual alignment of celestial bodies at the time of your reading. Named after the mysterious character at its core, Kismet is inspired by the mystic arts of tarot and astrology, brought to life in a beautifully detailed, handmade, Gothic style.

Title : Wayfarere

Price: 4.99$US / 5.79$CAD

Type : FPS / Space Flight

Controls : Gamepad

Description: Wayfarer is a story driven first-person
simulation shooter taking place in infinity of space. Developed by Refine Reality Ltd. it gives you a chance to choose between freedom and responsibility in a quest to solve your own identity. Mechanics of the game are build for interactive feel to maximize immersion in virtual reality and giving the player more control of the experience.Game utilizes a gamepad controller to access variety of controls over HSF-14 Space Fighter Craft  and On-Foot mode with freedom for head movement.

Title : Ace Academy : Black Flight

Price: 3.99$US / 4,59$CAD

Type : Flight Simulator

Controls : Gamepad

Description: Experience unmatched gameplay, graphics and narrative as you climb into the cockpit of the most aggressive WWI dogfighting game on mobile. You will fly with real squadrons, over actual historical locations, as you ascend the ranks to become a World War One Ace. You will fight for King and Country from the shores of England and Belgium to Flanders and the Western Front.

Unlock, upgrade and customize the leading aircraft of WWI as you attack airships, rail lines, convoys, and enemy bombers. Test your abilities as you go head to head with top German Jastas in Fokker and Albatross fighters.
Experience a rich historical narrative, based on accurate WWI people, locations and events. Discover the major battles and theatres that made WWI one of the most gruelling wars ever fought!

Title : LRT VR

Price: Free

Type : Videos

Controls: Touchpad

Description: *Translated from Lithuanian by Google Translate* Mobile application “LRT VR users to move to virtual reality and invite you to participate in a virtual tour after RTL TV backstage, provide 360 ° videos from events and exclusive locations. Videos downloaded to the phone, and later can be used without an internet connection!

Title :Captain 13 : Beyond the hero

Price: 4.99$US/5,79$CAD

Type : Arcade Shooter

Controls : N/A

Description: Captain 13 is an endless arcade shooter set in multiple galaxies of the universe. You take on the role of 13, with the mission of clearing the path for voyagers who continuously search for life to expand the human experience beyond dark space.

Endless experience in over 20 galaxies
Challenging action-packed arcade shooter
Features global and local high-score to challenge your friends

Title : Yours and Owls VR

Price: Free

Type : Videos

Controls : Touchpad

Description: Check out festival highlights and live performances from current and past events in 360° video. On the stage, in the crowd or in the air! Take in the festival vibe and get up close. Look out for live streaming in 360° at this years event.

TITLE : JetFlat

Price: Free

Type : Exploration

Controls : Touchpad, Gamepad, GearVR Controller

Description: This app is a showcase of capabilities of JetStyle company, which shows possibilities of virtual reality for our customers. Try the realistic 360-panoramic tours or a fully interactive VR environment!
If you are a builder or a realtor, we can help you! Want the same app for yourself? Visit us at:

Title : Wave Magic: Battles

Price: 1,99$US/2,29$CAD

Type : Arcade Shooter

Controls : GearVR Controller

Description: In Wave Magic: Battle you fight off the horde of homonculi created from mages long past. Master the four elements to defeat enemies and reach farther heights in your battles. As you play you will level up to learn new spells and abilities allowing you to make more progress. Aim your spells with the Gear VR controller and take the fight to the wastelands.


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