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Studio: BlackGanymede

Genre: Action, Fighting,Exploration, Arcade

Control:  Head Tracking,

Game modes:  Single User

Price: .99



I tried looking up the developer Black Ganymede, I couldn’t find anything other than references to a type of Pirate; or a pirates name in a Anime or Manga. which is a fitting name of the Developer, cause you will feel like you just got robbed if you buy this game.

Remember when we all heard that VR is in the Atari phase of its life cycle. Well BlackGaymede took it literally and made a game that is worthy of that level of design and control-ability. There are games that are 30 years older than this game that have better game-play mechanics and graphics! in my last review I likened base jump to an egg that was broken on the path to making a delicious cake someday. And if Base Jump was the first egg, this game is the second egg; it has slight improvements, but still not worth the price tag in any way.

If you like a challenge, boy, this game has it in spades! I dare anyone out there to get  further than 1000. I DARE YOU!! And if you do? Post your score in the comments.


Game Play

Jetpack VR is an endless runner, you travel in a straight line and collect little lightning bolts.  You can touch the touch pad to ignite your jet pack and fly upwards to avoid environmental hazards such as lightning bolts. Walking robots, and walls of random fire. To shoot the gun, you have to swipe backwards, whoever designed that control mechanic didn’t play his/hers own game, as the game in so awkward to play with the touch pad. I only gave it a few more minutes of my time to warn you about it. It is a step up from Base jump however, I can only imagine that base jump was made first, then this game is the second attempt at a VR game. And in that regard it is a much better experience, but sadly, lots more effort needs to be paid attention to in regards to quality and replay-ability.


VR Comfort Level

The comfort level is okay, the game is slow paced and looking around while moving forward isn’t to difficult on your senses, this is the best thing about this game.

VR Design

There  really isn’t much here in terms of design.. Honestly the game plays like an extreme beta version of a more interesting game, that never made it past its concept stage, or a mini game inside of more interesting game. There is a store where you can spend your hard earned lightning bolts (the games currency) on upgrades for 500 apiece.  On my longest run, I was only able to collect 38. So imagine how long it would take to grind your way to 500, for a single power up. and if you go into the store, you have to exit the whole game to get back to the main menu.


500! Bolts! My longest run, I only got 38!


In terms of graphics the game is a Huge improvement over base jump VR,  but just barely. The corridors are made of the same block, it makes in really uninteresting, Wolfenstein 3d, which was made back in 1992, had better graphics and variety than this game. There are what looks like ED-209 from Robocop lining the halls and they look pretty cool, but they don’t move. Then there are larger walking robots and that get in your way. They don’t look terrible,  but they add nothing to the game other than stumbling blocks if you hit one.

The best asset in this game are these walking robots!




Extremely difficult game.. I would say the second most difficult game I have ever played.  The first being Base jump VR, where I played the game for a half an hour and never managed to beat the first level. I’m going to play it again and see if I can beat my high score.  Which was 586, here we go…  Nope 462, and when I died and bad guy came up through the floor and killed me.  so they are ghost robots, very tricky to defeat.


This is the game over screen; your avatar must be a little alien man. Because those little dudes are in Jars too.


Music / effects

Other than the sound of your lasers and the sound of your Jetpack when using it there are no other sounds to this game. Two.. that’s it. no music either. if you want music go play another game. Sound effects are Lazy and repetitively annoying.


Little to none… unless you like playing a game with broken mechanics For the sheer insane difficulty it brings. And if you have the tenacity to get a single power up, which by my estimates would take you 2.5 billion years at the pace you collect them in this game, my math could be off…  I dare someone to prove me wrong.




Jet Pack VR: This Jetpack Is No Joyride
I can see playing this game as a face book challenge. Up there with rubbing salt on your arms and then rubbing an ice cube on your skin, thus giving your self frost bite. Instead of doing that play this game for 10 hours straight. C’mon, I dare you. Look, this game belongs on the Cardboard, for free. As a practice run for something the developer, not a real game that is coming out on the Gear VR. I didn’t sped 100$ on the gear vr to have games like this come out and ruin the beauty that VR has become! I get the concept. But a lot more time spent figuring out the bugs at least so the game is playable. Its true miracle that it made it to the Oculus store to be honest.
Music and Sound1
VR Comfort4
The Good
  • Hey they tried to make a VR Game that's worth something right?
  • uh.... the guns look cool.
  • I liked the ED-209 looking robots.
The Ugly
  • Ghost Enemies with heat sinking abilities
  • Extreme Diffaculty
  • Ungodly leveling system
2.5Final Judgement

About The Author

Like many of you, I fell in love with VR in the 90's. I watched every movie about it, read books about it. and my jaw fell when I saw Palmer Lucky had made huge strides in his garage, that every huge company who had tried to develop it had failed at doing. I bought a Gear VR for my S6 as soon as it was available, started a you tube channel, GeerHed VR, and I am humbly thrilled to write VR game reviews for Twisted Reality!

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