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Coming out of nowhere this week is Magnetique, a VR comic.  It’s the first issue and it’s free, but it’s short.  There are many ways to make VR Comics and Oniride, based in Italy, tackles one of them pretty brilliantly.oniride-logo-black-300x101I don’t usually do spoilers, but there is not much to spoil from the story, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you. In a small town on the border of the sea, a small village is getting attacked by enemy planes while a young boy is sent away on a raft by his father(or brother) who stays behind to find “Mom”. End of episode one!  I wish it were longer. I really do, because the scenery is beautiful to see.

This is my favorite screenshot, the image is clear, colors are vibrant, and the subject is hard.  It really feels like a new kind of comic. Like in real life, the ambiance is often different when looking in the opposite direction. The people behind this comic also put space to good use. In fact, you are probably better showing off this to initiate people to VR than most videos found on the GearVR. Here is the same scene from the two opposite sides.


The dialogs are sparse, you get on text bubble on each of the 7 pages, except for the first two.  I wish it were longer, but I’m now repeating myself.  There are two major flaws: One ugly mountain taking more than half your screen (see below, in comparison to above) and the audio track cutting between every frame.  Just enough to make you realize voiceover would be so nice to send you back into the experience.  I’ve already talked to them about those and they told me they’ll be working on it to fix the issue. NOTE : After the latest update, the audio has a nice transition between pages. Good job on fixing this!

What I find interesting is Onidrive’s invitation to comic creators. If you would like to make comics with their tools, just hit the e-mail on the screenshot below.  It’s really fresh to see people open to collaborate into creating a hub for publishing comics as well.  The process seems fairly simple; you build like you would with a 3d Photoshop, placing layers over a cube around the reader. It’s still harder than what I make it sound. You have to take great care of proportions of your drawings. Even in Magnetique you might find some images feel akward demostrating that adding depths makes it less forgiving.

Magnetique is a beautiful, yet small comic worth a look. I will keep it for a long time because it sur is what I’m going to show around.  Hope I can get my hand on future issues and discover new comics with the help of their tools.

A little tip to Oniride  :
Those dynamic bubbles are nice effects. I looked all over to see if I could trigger other things around the scene: sounds, animations… That’s a bit sad isn’t it.  Oh and make it longer!!!

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