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Nolo VR claims it can bring PC VR to your mobile phone, but can it deliver on its promise? I had my hands on the device for about a week now and decided to bring you my first impressions of the device. It is important to understand that the Nolo VR driver are still in Beta (v0.7).

The hardware is solid. I expected somewhat a cheap feeling product, but the truth is that the hardware holds itself properly on the market.  The controllers themselves are heavy enough to feel comfortable, with all the same buttons as the current Vive. With the exception of one major thing: the trigger isn’t analog! It only clicks. I’m not sure yet if it’s software limited, but the feeling of it seems hardware related.

If you are not sure 100% of what you are doing, expect to take a few hours to complete the whole setup if you are not familiar with Riftcat or Trinus VR.  Nolo VR is easy, pairing is the hardest part, but if you follow their video, it’ll go just fine. You should try to run Nolo Tetris to test the whole thing first. It gives you easy and wireless access to test the hardware.  Just try out a few places for the base station and test out it’s limit.

It should not be too low, except if playing seated (PSVR Style), nor too high or you’ll have a hard time reaching for the floor. There is also a ceiling driver to install the base station overhead, giving 360 degrees instead of the approx. 270 degrees you get from the front facing method.

I have problems with the 4m cable included. I  switched to a 2m extension+1m USB cable or I could not get a good connection of the sensors. It kept disconnecting and reconnecting. When that happens, you lose head tracking, and sometimes controllers are not reconnected. One must close SteamVR, Vridge, and Riftcat and restart the whole thing.  Luckily it was a cable problem, but that shouldn’t happen.

Tracking wise, right now it’s pretty solid, but there are many issues.  The fact that i’m playing over 4m away from the sensor might be a factor. I found the controls to be a bit shaky by times.  When aiming for too long, I also block the head mounted sensor.  I have a good range of movement, but I am really limited by my 3m cable to about 1m square.

I also have to run Room Setup almost every time, so running the seated experience is much faster and the freedom of movement is the same, but you don’t get to set your walls.

Expect a deeper review of my experience with Nolo VR in the next week because I already gathered 20+ with it and have plenty more to say!

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