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Studio: SetApp
Type: Action, Shooter, Arcade
Device:  Gear VR
Control: Head set tracking and controller
Game modes: Single Player, Online Multiplayer
Price: 3.99$


Overflight is a Multiplayer Ariel dog fighting game where you fly a World War 2 Super Marine Spitfire. The British Royal Air Force go-to fighter plane that dominated the skies, with its eight .303 machine guns harmonized to be able to fire and overwhelming 160 rounds a second, giving the 30 foot long plane its nickname.  You want to see some iconic action check out these 1960’s classics; Reach for the Sky and Battle of Britain, which show cases the planes and the brave men who flew them.

Game play mechanics

Overflight is unique in the fact that for an aerial combat game, you have a surprising amount of freedom just using the Gear VR’s head motion tracking to fly your ship around. You can pitch you head left and right to roll your ship, turn you head side to side to control your yaw; or rudder control left and right, and  look up and down to control your Elevator for your altitude control. Also use a Bluetooth controller which allows you a little more control, with breaking and controlling your throttle.

VR Comfort Level

Due to the nature of the game; you can pilot your ship doing barrel rolls and stomach churning dives and loops through the air. All while keeping an eye on the enemy setting up your next target. If you are nauseated easily in VR, I promise you won’t last long. I have a friend, I have play the games I rate to contrast my seemingly super human tolerance for motion sickness in VR. I timed him, he lasted 0:1:33 seconds; before tearing off the headset. “Oh man, that’s horrible I can’t play one more second.” He also did say he wishes it didn’t affect him like it does; because he really enjoyed the game, so it’s not the games fault at all, but the immersion level. It’s pretty intense; we will leave it at that.

VR Design

In the game you sit in the cockpit of the Spitfire, you can look all around and see your wings and enjoy the view, but be careful; if you don’t start hunting right away, you are the prey.

I liked how smooth the plane reacted, no action happens instantly as the Spitfire takes an appropriate amount of time to react, giving you the feeling of really piloting something real, not just a jpeg over a moving background.  And after you get used to your controls, you can really see the beauty in what Setapp has created here.


Over flight is an online shooter at its core. There is a mode to fight computer controlled opponents when no one is playing, which in my experience of the game most of the time.  So I really haven’t played a lot of the online aspect of the game as of yet; which brings up an interesting aspect of VR multiplayer. Will VR be a vehicle for big online games? I don’t think so, at least it hasn’t shown it has; at least not what I have seen when I get on to play, and Overflight isn’t the only game suffering from the lacking participation of online gamers.


There is only one map you can fight on, but the visuals down below look fantastic, I would expect nothing else from the team that brought us Never Out. There are four plane skins, and each one fun to look out to your wings and marvel at the details Setapp put into the planes. The ground looks great as does the sky. The most stunning display in the game is in the opening still, which is a plane getting shot and explosion which seems like it is in your face, awesome.




This game has a steep learning curve. Consider yourself bandit meat ready for the slaughter if you just jump into the game with getting used to the controls. I recommend you starting up a easy match with computer opponents while you practice for the first few times, then jump into the fray with human opponents.

Music / effects

Music is only played at the very beginning start up screen and it’s an appropriate for the setting of the game.  The sound effects include your engine, and the wind rushing, and machine gun fire. And for what Setapp is trying to achieve, I think that all it really needs. I did notice some sound effect judder after my phone started to get warm.


There are plenty of ways to play Overflight, with your head tracking, and controller with the option to invert either. There are some basic setup options for multiplayer. I wish there were a little more options to configure your controls, and set up your controller how it feels the most comfort for you, a great example of this is StartFighter Arduxim, that not only has the most options in any game I’ve ever seen ,  you can configure almost every aspect of multiplayer. And Overflight could benefit from that games example.


For 4$ I think overflight is a great game to put in your library. It is a little light as far as depth goes, with only one level to fight in; and you can’t choose which ship you get to fly in. Maybe those options are in the works. But for now I believe Setapp delivered what they hoped to do, and that was to make a solid Fighter plane multiplayer shooter.


Overflight : Ariel dog fighting So Intense, You'll Need A Doggy Bag
Setapp has made a very fun game; the Spitfire is an Iconic plane worthy of the attention it receives in this game. Overflight has its flaws, not because of its performance, but because of the lack of content. There are many things I think the game could benefit from; I would have liked to see more options for controller button configuration, and being able to see your ship from outside the cock pit. After I would die I liked that I could watch the other planes flying around, it would be cool to be able to switch camera angles attached to other planes or camera angles not just where you died. I would like to see more maps, and up-gradable weapons for replay ability. Settapp has made a game that could be so much more, it' needs more sounds, more control customization, more plane skins, more music and I think would be a very fun multiplayer game if people would just play it. And I fear that will be the games true downfall due to the lack of options. Let’s take a look at one of the most successful multiplayer games of all time, Rocket league. The option screen is huge; the customization is massive, unlock-able items and skins galore, and fun to play. Overflight has the fun factor; and mix in the fact that within two minuets most people will toss their cookies. it is fun to play but lacks the customization, and play-ability of more successful online games.
Graphics 8.5
VR Comfort5
  • Head set tracking gameplay
  • Graphics look great
  • incredibly immersive
  • Repetitive
  • non existent multiplayer participation
  • vomit inducing immersion
7.1Overall Score

About The Author

Like many of you, I fell in love with VR in the 90's. I watched every movie about it, read books about it. and my jaw fell when I saw Palmer Lucky had made huge strides in his garage, that every huge company who had tried to develop it had failed at doing. I bought a Gear VR for my S6 as soon as it was available, started a you tube channel, GeerHed VR, and I am humbly thrilled to write VR game reviews for Twisted Reality!

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