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Developer: RJdoesVR

Release date: May/June 2017 (Daydream), Summer 2017 (Gear VR)

Platforms: Google Daydream, Gear VR

Price: TBA

Game modes: TBA

Control: Daydream/GearVR motion controller (required)

There have been quite a few releases for mobile VR platforms over the last few weeks, but I still love looking ahead and keeping my eyes open for interesting titles on the horizon. Novice and seasoned developers alike are taking to this burgeoning medium and pushing the boundaries to see what’s possible, sometimes with very entertaining results. I was lucky enough to take part in a beta test for a title currently under development called Daylight Dojo, and this is one I’ll be eagerly following.

Daylight Dojo is being created by a solo-developer studio under the name RJdoesVR. The developer has a background in 3D graphics and animation, and this will be the first full game released by the studio. The projected launch date for the Daydream version of the game is end of May 2017, with the GearVR version to launch 1 or 2 months later. This preview is based on the beta-build sent out by the developer last week, and please note that what you see in the pictures and video is still a work in progress.

Swinging a katana using the motion controller definitely has a very high cool-factor.

Daylight Dojo sets you in the role of a defender of a mystical gemstone. As night falls, waves of demonic ninjas infiltrate the dojo and it’s your job to stop them. Armed with your trusty katana you slash at the demons and send them back to hell, or wherever they came from. Swinging the katana with the Daydream motion controller feels great, and there’s nothing else like this on either the Daydream or Gear VR right now. In addition to the katana, the beta demo includes a “bow-sword” weapon, a short curved sword with the special ability to fire light-arrows across the dojo. I think the inclusion of additional weapons is a very smart decision: the katana itself is fantastic, but the bow-sword is so different from the katana that it changes the whole play style and really adds to the replay value. Here’s hoping even more weapons are available in the final build.

The beta demo includes an additional weapon called the bow-sword, which gives you a long-range attack option.

Graphically the game sticks to low-poly models and crisp textures. The color scheme is great, the design of the dojo is convincing, and the framerate stays high with no noticeable stuttering. The colors and animations of the different enemies look great too, though sound is yet to be implemented. As mentioned above, this game makes liberal use of the Daydream motion controller to swing the weapons. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that the Gear VR version of Daylight Dojo will require the Samsung motion controller as well, so the experiences on both platforms should be nearly identical.

Overall, Daylight Dojo is shaping up to be a unique action title on both the Daydream and Gear VR platforms, and it’s use of the motion controller for swordplay makes it a very attractive title for both mobile VR veterans as well as newbies. A lot of work remains including sound design, additional weapons, additional game modes, and new enemy types. Look for Daylight Dojo to hit the Daydream and GearVR stores this summer, and stay tuned to Twisted Reality for a full, in-depth review of the game when it launches.

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