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Lets face it, the Gear VR can be very uncomfortable.
How awesome would it be watching Netflix in the bed with the Gear VR without having pressure marks all over the face afterwards.
Or showing the Gear VR to a lot of people without being disgusted of how the foam looks afterwards.
The guys over at invented a cover for the Foam of the Gear VR. I was excited about this and decided to buy one.
After I ordered I had to wait around 3 weeks until it arrived at my home(I am from germany) in this great packaging.

Apply it to your GearVR

This left me with a great first impression so I was excited to wrap it around the foam of my Gear VR.
One of the biggest disadvantages of the Gear VR for me was that I saw the light leaking on from both sides that reflected in the lenses.
My hopes are, that because the Cover is cover up a on both sides, that it could fix the problem.
But business before pleasure; the cover has to be wrapped up around the foam and attached to the it via velcro.
Thats quite easy but has to be done good in order to get the most out of it.
It took me five minutes to get this result:









I think it looks really cool and gives my Gear VR an individual look.
It fits like a glove and feels sturdy so I don’t see having to readjust it in some days.


Now finally everything is set up and I can try it out.
Immedially after putting on the Gear VR I feel how amazingly comfortable it is to wear.
The best thing, and that was not even advertised, it killed the light bleeding completely for me.
I tried it while daylight was flooding my room and there was not a single ray of light coming through.
Of course that fixed a lot of the problems of the small fov because you don’t notice the edges all that much.
Oh and did I mention that there are two covers in the pack?


If you are interested in buying it, you can follow this link and support us:

By buying it here : VRcover Website

VRCover Review
To try to measure the impact and for the avoidance of doubt I took the cover off and tried the barebone Gear VR with the normal foam.  Seriously it just feels wrong and I never want to go back to it. I really heightened the enjoyment i get out the Gear VR and makes it easier to sink into the VR for hours. So with that much attention to detail and great material quality I give it 10/10. 
8.2Overall Score

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